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The Nerd by Larry Shue

Boerne Community Theatre
Audition/Workshop starts on: 09/09/2018 and Runs Through: 09/10/2018
Times: Auditions at Boerne Community Theatre, 907 E. Blanco, Boerne. Sunday and Monday 7pm both nights.
Production/Performance Dates: Production dates: Nov. 9-25 (off Thanksgiving, closing on a Sunday matinee)
Cold readings from the script. An audition form is available on the website,  under Productions tab.
Characters Needed:
  • Willum Cubbert: Willum is an architect, currently designing a hotel for Mr. Waldgrave, and a pushover. He's kind and intelligent, but Tansy says he "could use a little gumption." He lacks the backbone to stand up for himself.  He rents two rooms in his house to Tansy and Axel.
  • Tansy McGinnis: A smart woman who is as attracted to Willum as he is to her, but who has been offered her dream job as a television weather forecaster in Washington, D.C., and feels guilty for leaving Willum behind. Idealistic, perky, and just as kind as Willum. 
  • Axel Hammond: Willum's best friend. He's a pretentious, often-inebriated drama critic, always ready with a sarcastic comment. 
  • Rick Steadman/Kemp Hall: The titular "nerd." He's oblivious to insult and lacks manners or sensitivity. He tells Willum that he works as an inspector at a chalk factory in Wisconsin.
  • Warnock Waldgrave: A boisterous, slightly dim businessman, owner of eight hotels, with no creativity and no tact. He never smiles. 
  • Clelia Waldgrave: Mr. Waldgrave's high-strung, put-upon wife. She holds back all of her emotions, and only releases her stress when she can break "something small." 
  • Thor Waldgrave: The Waldgraves' terror of a son. "Poster child for planned parenthood," as Axel calls him. Spends most of the play hiding in a closet or bedroom. This character may also be cast as a girl.
Location: 907 E. Blanco Rd., Boerne, Texas, 78006
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: For more information, contact the director, Keisha McFerrin, at

Every Christmas Story Ever Told

Boerne Community Theatre
Audition/Workshop starts on: 10/21/2018 and Runs Through: 10/22/2018
Times: Auditions in the theatre at 7pm both evenings. Auditions will be cold readings from the script. 
Production/Performance Dates: Dec. 14-23, 2018
Instead of performing Charles Dickens' beloved holiday classic for the umpteenth time, three actors decide to perform every Christmas story ever told -- plus Christmas traditions from around the world, seasonal icons from ancient times to topical pop-culture, and every carol ever sung. A madcap romp through the holiday season!
Robert Gonzalez directs.
Characters Needed: Three actors, very energetic, not gender specific. This is a high-energy show that is family-friendly and will appeal to all.
Location: 907 E. Blanco Rd., Boerne, Texas, 78006
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Robert Gonzalez will direct. He can be reached at 


Boerne Community Theatre
Audition/Workshop starts on: 11/18/2018 and Runs Through: 11/19/2018
Times: Auditions are cold readings from the script. Both evenings at 7pm, at the theatre.
Production/Performance Dates: Ripcord will run for two weekends, Jan. 18-26, 2019
Ripcord is a comedy by David Lindsay-Abaire. It has adult language and is BCT's Theatre On The Edge presentation.

A sunny room on an upper floor is prime real estate in the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, so when the cantankerous Abby is forced to share her quarters with new-arrival Marilyn, she has no choice but to get rid of the infuriatingly chipper woman by any means necessary. A seemingly harmless bet between the old women quickly escalates into a dangerous game of one-upmanship that reveals not just the tenacity of these worthy opponents, but also deeper truths that each would rather remain hidden.
Characters Needed:
3 women, 3 men (some playing multiple roles)

Abby Binder: 60's and up

Marilyn Dunne: 60's and up

Benjamin/Lewis/Clown: Male, 30-49
Scotty: Male, 20-39
Colleen/Woman in White: Female, 30-49
Derek/Zombie Butler/Masked Man: Male, 30-49
Location: 907 E. Blanco Rd., Boerne, Texas, 78006
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Allen Rudolph directs. He can be reached for information at

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