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Boerne Community Theatre with Co-producer--Gateway Financial, Diane Moore
Playwright(s): David Lindsay-Abaire
Opens on: 01/18/2019 and Runs Through: 01/26/2019
Days/Times: Thurs--7:30pm
Ripcord A sunny room on an upper floor is prime real estate in the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, so when the cantankerous Abby is forced to share her quarters with new-arrival Marilyn, she has no choice but to get rid of the infuriatingly chipper woman by any means necessary. A seemingly harmless bet between the old women quickly escalates into a dangerous game of one-upmanship that reveals not just the tenacity of these worthy opponents, but also deeper truths that each would rather remain hidden.
Cast/Crew: Abby---Christine Crowley
Scotty--Kirk Logan
Marilyn--Julie Dupont
Derek/Zombie Butler--Robert Moritz
BenjaminClown/Lewis--Barry Goettl
Colleen/Woman in White--Dorothy Lin Imrie

Director--Allen Rudolph
Asst Dir/Sm--Keisha McFerrin
Booth--Matt Schulman
Stage Crew--Anna Thomas
Location: 907 E. Blanco Rd., Boerne, Texas, 78006
Tickets: $15-$22
discount for veterans, TPR, students
Purchase online:
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Tickets can be purchased by phone with credit card at (830) 249-9166

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