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Aye, No!

Teatro Audaz San Antonio with The Public Theatre of San Antonio
Playwright(s): Liz Coronado-Castillo
Opens on: 08/10/2018 and Runs Through: 08/26/2018
Days/Times: Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30pm.
Sundays at 2pm.
Aye, No! Directed by Laura T Garza

In a small border town, young Alicia comes home from college with a “friend” for her family to meet. The trouble begins when her loving grandma and well-intentioned yet nosey aunts assume that Alicia is bringing home a boyfriend or fiancé. Alicia, wanting her family’s acceptance and fearing ancient Mexican magic, turns to her three fairy-drag-queen friends for guidance.

*This play is bilingual.  

90% English - 10% Spanish


Alicia        Miranda Valdez

Kika          Jaime Gonzalez-Quintero

Mague       Nora Moreno-Jarrell

Maria        Brizzo Torres

Cathy        Karlyn Buchaus

Joe             Ivan Ortega

Zereda       Louie Canales

Starkisha    Ray D. Seams

Starlinda    Christian Gomez 

Stage Manager: Analisa Leos Garcia
ASM: Julianna Ortiz

Location: 800 W. Ashby Pl., San Antonio, Texas, 78212
Tickets: $25-$35
Call The Public Theater box office @ 210-733-7258
Purchase online:
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Contact us at and follow us on Facebook at

Casa De Muneca

Teatro Audaz San Antonio
Playwright(s): Liz Coronado-Castillo
Opens on: 09/13/2018 and Runs Through: 09/16/2018
Days/Times: Thursday and Friday at 7pm
Sunday at 4pm
A modern, chicano retelling of Ibsen's classic, A Doll's House.
Cast/Crew: NORA - Josey Porras
TOMAS - Juan Calderon
KRIS - Gabriel Itzcoatl Luera
CHRISTINA - Victoria Gutierrez
DR. CHAVEZ - Reynaldo Valdez
ANDRES - Forrest Fraley
Location: See Map
Tickets: TBA
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Contact us at and like us on facebook at

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